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Oct 21, 2013  What's the best electric fuel pump for the edelbrock 1406 carb? I've read some threads that say edelbrock carbs are finicky on fuel pressure, but I don't want to have to buy a fuel regulator if IJun 29, 2008  I need a quite, dependable pump for a carb engine. I already have over 200 invested in useless pumps so price is no longer the issue. Thanks for the help. Visit my Main Index Forum Index Automotive General Chevy High Performance Topics Best electric fuel pump FusionBB Version 2. 1 InteractivePHP, Inc good electric fuel pump for carb

As a result, the pressure from the pump to the fuel regulator is the same as from the fuel regulator to the carburetor (typically 89 psi), which allows the pump to speed up, increasing volume

When it comes to choosing the best electric fuel pump for your carburetor engine, as you can see, there is so much choice available to you that it can be so difficult to know where to begin. However, all the pumps that weve listed above are outstanding in their own rights, and incredibly competitive when it comes to their price. Fuel your mind and your Corvette with everything you need to know about aftermarket fuel pumps. 120GPH QuietFlo Electric Inline EFICarb. This highend pump works in both carbd and EFIgood electric fuel pump for carb A bypass regulator at the carburetor makes for an excellent fuel system, so be sure to use the recommended bypass regulator PNs or with fuel pump PNs and, and install a 10 AN return line to properly control pressure.

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Best Match currently selected. Time: ending soonest; Time: newly listed Universal Electric Fuel Pump Carburetor 12V Applications 35 GPH Gasoline 47 PSI. CARBOLE. 21. 99. Buy It Now. Free Shipping. 42S Micro Electric Fuel Pump For Use wCarburetor 23. 5PSI 12 Volts Universal See more like this. good electric fuel pump for carb Mar 27, 2014 I'm in the search for an electric fuel pump for the 85 I just picked up. Not real familiar with carb applications so just wondering if anyone had any Menu. Forums. New posts Search forums. If all good, have a friend turn on the pump, while you watch the gauge. As the initial pressure hits the regulator, the gauge will read the regulated Jun 28, 2018 I used a earlier version of this fuel pump on my last carb race car any electric fuel pump location, should be as close to the tank and as low as possible, having the pump gravity fed from the tanks a big help because electric pumps PUSH fuel FAR more efficiently than they can draw or suck fuel, if it takes much resistance to get fuel to flow Carbureted Electric Fuel Pumps. Home Air& Fuel Delivery Fuel Pumps Regulators and Filters Fuel Pumps Low Pressure Fuel Pump designed for carburetor use. Works without a fuel pressure regulator in most applications. 7 PSI Outlet. Part# ERL. 61. 39. . Feeding a Carbureted Engine with an EFI Fuel Pump. It is becoming more and more common for people to use an intank electric pump to feed a carbureted engine. Many new engines simply do not have the provisions to use a mechanical fuel pump. Sometimes there is no room to have a mechanical fuel pump in the engine compartment.

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