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Also known as a sticking knife, this narrow blade knife is used to kill poultry and general evisceration. The 3 blade is made out of highcarbon steel and the polypropylene handle is textured to ensure being slipresistant. It is easy to clean and great for the small flock or commercial use.Accessories and supplies for efficient and easy processing. These knives were designed for themeat and poultry industry. The ergonomic handles provide a comfortable slipresistant grip. SKVS Electric Stunning Knife. Required in some states, an SKVS should be your first investment when it's time to improve your slaughtering efficiency electric stun knife poultry

The first puts poultry into context by giving a general background and description of poultry production and processing throughout the world. The second chapter outlines the general principles of planning, economics, design and construction of small scale poultry processing plants.

Electric Stunning Knife. An SKVS should be your first investment when it's time to improve your slaughtering efficiency. With the SKVS a controlled voltage shock is delivered to birds (or rabbits) the instant before sticking. Humane Stunning of Poultry. ECSeminar Animal Welfare , August 24th Sept. 2nd, 1999, Dublin Humane Stunning of Poultry The resulting electric shock triggers off severe wing flapping, Electrical stunning with 200 mA applied by an electrical knife for 5 s had no effect on the final muscle pH, raw muscle colour,electric stun knife poultry Jun 18, 2014 Electric chicken stunner Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by BigTone I was watching a Gordon Ramsey show where his birds were stunned with a electric stunner then dispatched with a knife, I feel like it's more humane for the chickenand probably a bit easier on me. A stungun to the forehead prevents animals expressing their

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ELECTRIC POULTRY STUNNER. Electric stunning is the most humane way to render the bird and incapable of feeling pain. Stunning puts the bird in an unconscious state so that they are immobilised and insensible to pain when slaughtered. electric stun knife poultry POULTRY PINNER No. S130 2 12 Stainless Steel Blade, Beech Handle STEEL Fine Cut Rosewood Handle Dexter Diamond Guard No. A14R 14 STEEL Polished Hardwood Handle Dexter Diamond Guard No. 1214 12 The STUNNER is an electric stunning knife used by custom processors of birds and small animals during processing. The Goal of Stunning To render the bird insensible before killing. Poultry Stunning Killing poultry with an electric knife. The Poultry Profit Guide, 1952. Weeks, Klein& Sicer. Females will be harder to stun due to higher resistance. Troubleshooting Stunning Knife weighs just 8 ozs. One of the four available settings will stun nearly any bird, but when the operator removes his thumb the knife is absolutely dead. A specially designed tranformer with ground shielded windings provides full protection at all times. The CF2000 is an electric stun knife used to dispatch poultry and small animals.

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