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The term ANSI as used to signify Windows code pages is a historical reference, but is nowadays a misnomer that continues to persist in the Windows community. The source of this comes from the fact that the Windows code page 1252 was originally based on an ANSIThe widely used United Sates standard ANSIIEEE C37. 2 'Electrical Power System Device Function Numbers, Acronyms, and Contact Designations' deals with ansi code list electrical

ECE 525 Session 3, Page 11 Power Systems Protection and Relaying Fall 2018 ANSIIEEE Standard Device Numbers In North America protective relays are generally referred to

Home ANSI Codes Device Designation Numbers In the design of electrical power systems, the ANSI Standard Device Numbers (ANSI IEEE Standard C37. 2) denote what features a protective device supports (such as a relay or circuit breaker). The ANSI reason codes were designed to replace the large number of different codes used by health payers in this country, and to relieve the burden of medical providers to interpret each ofansi code list electrical ANSI CODES for Protection Devices. Electrical relay Protection Codes and Acronyms 1 Master Element 2 Time Delay Starting or Closing Relay 3 Checking or Interlocking Relay Documents Similar To List of Ansi Code for Relays. Basic of Generator. Uploaded by.

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National Electrical Code Adopted in all 50 states, the NEC is the benchmark for safe electrical design, installation, and inspection to protect people and property from electrical hazards. Current Edition: 2017 ansi code list electrical ANSIIEEE C37. is one of a continuing series of revisions of the standard, which originated in 1928 as American Institute of Electrical Engineers Standard No. 26. List of device numbers and acronyms ANSI Standard Device Numbers& Common Acronyms Suffixes Description 1 PositiveSequence 2 NegativeSequence A Alarm, Auxiliary Power AC Alternating Current AN Anode B Bus, Battery, or Blower BF Breaker Failure BK Brake BL Block (Valve) BP Bypass BT Bus Tie BU Backup C Capacitor, Condenser, Compensator, Carrier Current, Case, or Compressor CA

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