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2019-12-08 22:05

Delta Motorsport e4 Coupe electric Car eleCtrIC CArS Early in the life of the automobile a battle raged between cars storing energy electrically and those carrying liquid fossil fuels. The first electric cars were built in the mid 19th century and enjoyed significant popularity becauseDelta Motorsport Ltd Delta Motorport, based in Silverstone, UK, is a design and engineering consultancy operating in motorsport and niche sectors of the automotive industry. The company carries out concept studies together with detailed design and styling programmes, as well as prototype construction and low volume vehicle builds. delta motorsports e4 electric coupe

So we're delighted to bring you these live photos from Silverstone race track in the U. K. , where the Delta Motorsport E4 Electric Coupe is about to take to the tarmac.

Delta Motorsport was formed in 2005 and is based at Silverstone Circuit in the heart of the UK High Performance Technology Sector Delta is a leading company in providing engineering solutions in electric Delta Motorsport E4 Coupe November 27, 2011 The Delta E4 Coupe is an electric car designed by the same motorsport engineering company that builds the Lotus Elisebased 1200 hp Hennessey Venom GT so youd expect the E4 Coupe to be more exciting than the average electric motorsports e4 electric coupe The Delta E4 Coupe has a 187 lbs carbon composite chassis that was designed by the Delta Motorsport team at the Silverstone track (thats where the company is based) and manufactured by KS

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Delta Motorsport, a British electric car company, has announced today that it enters the its Delta E4 Coupe in the Automotive XPRIZE competition. The competition aims to find the most environmentally friendly car on the planet and the prize is 10m. delta motorsports e4 electric coupe First Drive Report: Delta Motorsport E4 Electric Coupe First Drive Report: Delta Motorsport E4 Electric Coupe. Nikki GordonBloomfield. 3 May Delta Motorsport E4 Electric Coupe: LIVE PHOTOS

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