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3D Bluray Compatibility. Featuring 7 HDMI inputs, the AVR4311CI is also equipped with Denon's high resolution video processor, which accepts standard definition video sources and upconverts them to 1080p HDMI. The latest HDMI 1. 4a standard is supported, which provides 3D passthrough (Bluray and Broadcast), and also supports Audio Return Channel.Figure 1. Denon AVR4310CI Frequency Response Variation. With all seven channels simultaneously driven, we compared the frequency response of each driving an 8 ohm load. As you could see the frequency response variation between channels is excellent measuring 1dB at 10Hz all the way to 0. 5dB at 20kHz. Power vs Distortion denon 4311 all channels driven

AVR4311. 9channel AV Surround Receiver featuring state of the art Denon technologies and advanced network capabilities to maximize your home theatre experience.

Feb 16, 2012 I like Denon's incorporation of DSX and updated MultiEQ XT32. But it's internal power amps aren't as well implemented as the ICE modules in Pioneer's top AVRs. They don't deliver the rated power when all channels are driven. If you are using external power amps to offload at least the front 2 channels, the Denon should be comparable. Immerse yourself in rich 3D video and 3D sound, plus online digital content with the Denon AVR4311CI 9. 2 Channel AV Receiver. The new AVR4311CI is a technological tour de force, designed for consumers wanting to network their AV system to enjoy a variety of digital media likedenon 4311 all channels driven Oct 25, 2010 Some owners reported it has, but if it is so important for you, I suggest you email Denon for confirmation. Regarding the different AL24's, whether the difference is audible or not, the 4308 has the advance AL24 for all channels, same as that in the flag ship 5308 model. The 4311 and 3311 have the AL24 (not all channels).

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In comparison, the Onkyo 5008, a bigger, heavier reciever and probably the 4311's most direct competitor only put out 80w per channel with 5 channels driven in the same test. So if you need some power, this thing probably has enough. If it doesn't, though, it has preouts for all 13 channels AND Zones 2& 3. That's 17 preamp outputs people! 17 denon 4311 all channels driven Apr 07, 2011  The 4311CIs hearty power supply went to work to keep all channels driven with authority. At one point, we had full size, floorstanding speakers in every speaker position and the 4311CI handled Jan 20, 2013 I'm currently using a Denon AVR3310ci as an amp, set at 0. 0 with the Front Heights powered through the Main Speaker Output. The 4311 Audessey calibrated the sound to the heights at 4db and everything else around 4db. The 3310 is rated at 130wattschannel and the 4311 at 140wattschannel. The All Channels Driven Amplifier Test Controversy by Gene DellaSala September 20, 2004 There has been a lot of controversy on many of the Internet forums regarding power capability of receivers when driving multichannel speaker systems. Jan 25, 2011 Denon 4311ci vs Onkyo 5008 (NEW) Emotiva Forums v. 20. About The Forum Updates. not A weighted. As for the watts comparison, apparently Onkyos now have protection circuitry that reduce output with all channels driven to full output, something that never happens in the real world of sound tracks. And Denon 9channel receivers don't have

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