Max hard drive size for ps3 slim

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As long as it is a SATA notebooksized (2. 5 ) drive, 9. 5mm thick, it will fit, and should work, in the PS3. And no, the boxed console in your link is not legitimate. It is an aftermarket updated console.Power Off the PS3 (disconnect the power cable) and open the HD tray (leftbottom) to exchange the original 2. 5 drive for the newerlargerfaster one (remark: use max. 9. 5mm height drives). Remark: The screws which are used to mount the internal hardisk in the PS3 HDtray are made of soft aluminium. max hard drive size for ps3 slim

Dec 05, 2017 PS3 What is the Max External HDD size? Discussion in 'Help& Support' started by LuanTeles, Dec 4, 2017. 503 i am plaining to buy a SEAGATE 2TB SLIM it will work? or even a 4Tb? Also make sure the drive is MBR and not GPT, if wd formatter can't change that then windows has drive manager which you can change that. Last edited

Jan 11, 2008 Best Answer: They PS3 uses the FAT32 system to format the drive, which has a limit of 2TB. Ps3 Max Hard Drive Size I would err towards remowims' answer, as i'm sure i've read of users on forums who've installed 1TB without problems. As long as it is the correct physical size and standard (i. e. 2. 5 inch serial ata) you should be ok Mar 14, 2016  So I was looking to avoid space issues with my PS3 by upgrading the hard drive. it seems like 1. 5 TB is the maxso I've ordered a 1. 5TB drive with same day delivery from amazon, I'llmax hard drive size for ps3 slim CNET awarded PS3 Slim four out of five stars praising its Bluray capabilities, 120 GB hard drive, free online gaming service and more affordable pricing point, but complained about the lack of backward compatibility for PlayStation 2 games.

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Reaching the Max Storage Limit. The best drive we would recommend for an internal hard drive upgrade on PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim is Seagate Firecuda Gaming SSHD. bearing in mind that modern PS4 games are coming in average 40gb50gb file size. Dont forget also that PS4 hard drive can now store movies, so youll find some people who like max hard drive size for ps3 slim Dec 08, 2012 I just baught the 20 gb ps3 and now am going to upgrade its HDD! , SO i was wondering what is the max HDD size PS3 can support and whats the max (and fastest) HDD(2. 5 )out there! Oct 31, 2013 PS3 Hard Drive Size Limit. Discussion in 'PS3 I previously had a 500 superslim which I exchanged for the regular slim, and I filled half the hard drive with my PSN purchases. Games like The Last of Us are pretty big now 1. 5TB is the max that can fit into a PS3 Internally. # 10 Oct 31, 2013. trumpet205 Embrace the darkness within Member. 5. The Maximum Limit of PS4 Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Size The Sony PlayStation4 (aka PS4) is one of the best game console out there, and to many experts, its absolutely the best game console of the whole century, for many advantages it acquired over other game consoles. PlayStation 3 Slim Hard Drive upgrade for your PS3 Slimline Lollipop Hard Disk Drive HDD Mounting Bracket for PS3 slim HDD 4000. by Lollipop. PlayStation 3. Internal Hard Drive Size. 1. 8 Inch. 2. 5 Inch. 3. 5 Inch. Internal Hard Drive Rotational Speed. 4200 RPM. 5200 RPM. 5400 RPM. 5900 RPM. 7200 RPM. RPM. RPM.

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