Storing itunes library on external hard drive

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How can the answer be improved?Did you know it was possible to move your iTunes library over to an external hard drive? If youre low on space and you have a lot of media that simply cannot be stored using iCloud, then one great option is to move everything to an external USB drive. storing itunes library on external hard drive

May 11, 2009 Excellent instructions. The only thing I did differently myself is that I moved my iTunes Library files to the external drive's iTunes folder. That way, I can take my drive with me and open up my actual library from any computer running the latest version of iTunes. The actual iTunes program remains on the internal hard drive.

To back up your iTunes library to an external hard drive, you'll need an external drive with enough free space to contain your library. If you don't already have one, The iTunes Media folder contains the raw files of content stored in iTunes, so knowing the size of this folder will tell you how much space you can save by migrating your iTunes library to an external drive. How to Setup an iTunes Library on an External Drive. Stepstoring itunes library on external hard drive Oct 09, 2013  Choose OK to confirm the selection of the new iTunes media folder; Keep in mind that copying an iTunes library to an external drive means that the external drive must be connected to the computer in order to access the media, be it movies or downloaded apps, movies, and TV

Storing itunes library on external hard drive free

As we take more photos, download more music and videos, space is being used up quicker now than ever before. To combat this, were going to use an external hard drive. Well show you how to move your iTunes, iPhoto or Aperture library to an external hard drive. storing itunes library on external hard drive Drag the iTunes folder (that you backed up earlier) from your external drive to where you want it on your internal drive. We recommend that you put the iTunes folder back into its default location. Hold down the Option key (Mac) or Shift key (Windows) while opening iTunes. When you see a message that asks you to Choose iTunes Library, click Nov 17, 2013 Question: Q: Move iTunes library to external hard drive? I want to free space on my hard drive by moving my iTunes library to an external harddrive any suggestions? Warnings? (iMac), and my 250GB iTunes library on an external drive. None of this business about reorganizing libraries and the like did anything. iTunes will load that library and automatically adjust its settings to make that the default iTunes folder while you're using it. Assuming you followed all the steps in the backup process (most importantly consolidating and organizing your library), you'll be able to use your iTunes library on the external hard drive just like it was on your main hard drive. While conventional internal hard drive space is plentiful in the majority of modern Macs, there are several good reasons why you may wish to store your iTunes Library on an external drive.

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